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Isabelle J: Weight Loss Progress

Isabelle is a thirty-something young woman.

She, like she said herself, has been chubby whole her life.

When she was born, she was as big as a three/four months old baby. Probably due to the fact that her mother had
gestational diabetes.

And she never lost her baby fat and became slimmer.
When she started to puberty, she gained weight.

Losing weight, getting progress. It was a hard time for her.
Since school, they were teasing her because of her weight.

After she got a bit older she started trying diets.
There is no weight loss program she didn’t try. Sometimes she had a little, or more, progress.

Most of the time she gained more weight than she lost.
We all can rely on this, can’t we?

She studies, married, got 2 daughters. And never was able to lose the overweight she carried with her.
Her husband says he doesn’t that she is overweight. She was when the learned to know each other.

He fell in love with her the way she was. The way she is. Not her body but her mind.
Regardless she started to hate her body.

She doesn’t want her daughters to become as obsessed with their body as she is with hers.
For this reason, she decided this had to stop.

In the hope that I can help her, she contacted me.

I explained to her that I can help her keep her focus.
Motivate and encourage her. As long as remembers that the rest has to come from her.

She is the only one, with my help, who can do this.
It is her who has to Change her Behaviour to Change her Life.

Isabelle asked me to keep an online diary for her, here on my Business Blog. Including photos, measurements & photos.
Together we decided that we will not post her weight.
As weight is less important than measurements.

Together with the Paleo way of living (all of the family members of Isabelle will support her) she will start walking.
The intention is at least 1 hour a day. Totally. This includes doing shopping on foot.

To keep her on track Isabelle and I will meet every 10-14 days. In the beginning probably more frequent or also by Skype.


Isabelle is doing great! At this moment we meet once a week to talk about how she is doing.
The support of her family (the best!).

The recipes she is making/going to make.
The Paleo way. And look! After only 3 weeks following this way of living:


****Update September 29th 2018***

© Photos by Isabelle.                                                       
Isabelle After 3 Weeks Paleo Isabelle After 3 Weeks Paleo

She started to do (like I do already for some time) the following biceps, triceps & shoulder exercises from Rebecca Louis “How to Lose Arm Fat“.

My favourite exercises! Only 12 minutes and very helpful.
I do them twice a day. At 05.10 AM in the morning (yeah correct 05.10 AM) and almost directly after coming home.

Isabelle is doing the arm exercises 1 time per day. Five times a week. And she is walking about 45-60 minutes a day.
The family is now thinking about getting a dog from the shelter to live with them.


****Update September 22nd 2018***

Look at the centimetres she lost at her waist & hips!
I am so proud of her!

Isabelle Measurements 2

© Photos by Isabelle.
Isabelle J Day 1     Isabelle J Day 1

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