Life Coaching, What it is…

Change your Habits, Change your Life!

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Life Coaching,

What it is…

And What it is not…

Think about it this way:
Skills can be developed through coaching​. And skills can also be taught​ and be learned from an expert​.

What will you learn (among other things)​:
– Clarity about what you want, why you want it and how you can get it.
– Strategies and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goal faster.​
– Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities​
– Change your subconscious mind so it will do what you want

Do not hesitate any longer​:
Change your Behaviour, Change your Life!

The last time, you see everywhere on the Internet advertisements, masterclasses, seminars etc. etc. from Life Coaches. Or how to become a Life Coach.
Seems like You can’t turn a page and there it that word again.
Life Coaching!

Different Coaches:

Business Coaches, Career Coaches, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches and the list goes on and on.
There is probably not a profession where there is no coach for.

Areas that can be covered by a Coach are:
Anger Management;
Balancing Life;
Career Change;
Grief Management;
Health Management;
Self Care or Self Development;

But what exactly is a Coaching?
Coaching is the process to improve (or aims to improve) performance and focus
Focus not on the past nor the future. But the HERE and NOW.

A coach helps someone to improve the performance of another person.

You can read about the differences between Teaching, Coaching, Mentor & Counselling at Skills you Need.

In My Course “What is Life Coaching, and what is it Not?” I will explain the differences in the depth.

Because a Coach believes that the answers are within the client, coaches ask many questions.
And when answered by the client, the next will pop-up. Probably automatically.

Above all, a Coach tries to bring awareness to the client. As I always say, the answers lie within. Certainly, the best answer comes from the client him/herself.

How I became a Life Coach?
During my careers, I found out that people came to me with certain questions.

When I got older more questions about the way of life.
So I decided to follow courses in this area.

I have been a Manager/Coach, Team Lead, Trainer etc. For several companies.
During my time as Manager, I was, above all a People Manager.
Many of my ex-colleagues thanked me when I left the company because “I helped them so much. Both personal as work-related”.

Probably you want to know the benefits of Life Coaching?
First of all, I have to say that everyone is different. Yet there are similar outcomes.
You always benefit from it!

To name a few:
* Accomplish Goals;
* Better capability to Handle Change;
* Increased self-esteem;
* Etc.

Finally, I think you might be interested in how long/often you will have to go on.
This depends on you. Above all, the most important thing is that you can go on and overcome what blocked you.

More information about Coaching at Self Leadership International.

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Furthermore, when you are interested, I can combine the Life Coaching sessions with, for example, Ho’oponopono.
Keep in mind that these sessions, at the least the very first, can only be done Face to Face.

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