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Why we do it?

Why don’t we Stop it?

How to Stop it?

And how to keep going?

FREE Course: How to Stop Procrastination.

Procrastination. Most people do it sometimes.
Others do it always, and can not seem to stop it.

Why do we do it? And why is it so difficult to change this habit?

According to research, 20% of all people are chronic procrastinators.
Twenty per cent! That is one fifth, of all people on earth. One fifth!

Wikipedia says: the World population is 7.6 billion people, as of May 2018.
For the Dutch readers, 1 Billion (Dutch would say Biljoen) = 1 Miljard (when written in English).
Large numbers sometimes cause problems in English, because they deviate from the Dutch name.

So 7,600,000,000 people live on earth. Probably a few more at this moment. Meaning 1,520,000,000 people are chronic procrastinators!
Now imagine when those people stop and then are able to achieve their dreams, their goals!
Only because they start doing the things they need to do!

DO IT NOW!!! Stop Procrastination!


Procrastination is the Thief of Time.

Later can be too late. Or, maybe later doesn’t come…

Procrastination Stop It!

I am not pretending I am an expert in procrastination. But I have helped many, including myself, to overcome it.

A few reasons why you are procrastinating:
– Perfectionism
– Laziness
– Distraction by… You name it (television/social media etc. etc.)
– Your Goals are not proper, not SMART

A few tips to overcome procrastinating:
– Stop being a perfectionist
– Stop being lazy
– Set SMART goals
– Don’t overdo your planning

There I many places on the internet where you can find different tips on how to stop Procrastination.
I have collected the most important ones.

Do you want to find out more?
Follow my FREE Course from which you can learn so much more about procrastinating.

Course content:

    – What is Procrastination?
    – Why are we doing it?
    – What can we do about it?
    – SMART
    – Eisenhower Matrix
    – Change your habits
    – Practise, Practise, Practise
    – Conclusion & what next?
    – Thank you!

BE SOMEONE who makes YOU happy.

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