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Refund Policy Appointments

First of all, I apologize that there is a necessity to a Payment in Advance.

Therefore, I have written below Policy.
In any case you have to Cancel your Appointment with me, it’ll be:
  • 48 Hours or More before the Appointment, 100% of the paid amount
  • 48 Hours – 24 Hours before the Appointment, 50% of the paid amount
  • Less than 24 Hours before the Appointment, 0% of the paid amount
When you have bought a bundle the Calculation will be:

Price of the bundle, minus the sessions you’ve had.
After that Upper Calculation will count.

In the case that you have more than 1 session left (thus the appointment AND another session left from the bundle), you’ll receive 100% Refund for this session back.
Unless the appointment is already made and within 24 hours.

Above Refund Policy is binding.

By making a booking you agree to this Policy.

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