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Coaching Success Stories, Boris.

What a person wants to get out of the (Life) Coaching sessions, that depends on that person.

Below Boris his Success Stories.

Names of the Clients are changed according to the GDPR rules.


Boris is a male in his 30’s. And in his work he has problems. Customers, on the phone, had problems understanding him.

He used to be a salesman, Face to Face, and never had problems customer understanding him.
Different from on the telephone. His customers often asked him to repeat what he just said.

I was asked by his company to help him.

For coaching sessions like this, there are many tools.
Our first conversation I found out very fast there are certain letters he does not pronounce them the way they should be pronounced.
For example, the “P”, “R” to name a few.

And also that he swallows his words and often talks with a hand before his mouth.
That last issue is fast to solve. And to train. Because you need to practise it consciously.

During a Face to Face conversation, upper can become a problem. But talking on the telephone it certainly will be.
With this in mind, I collected exercises which we could do together.

Readings where, for example, the letter P was represented a lot.
These sessions were a lot of fun to do.

In this case, the thing is, he is in his mid 30’s. For that, all the things like speaking, the way he is doing this, come from the subconscious mind.
It lies there over 30 years. And he needs to learn to speak in a completely different way.

This will cost a lot of time.
The improvement came after a few months. Yet, he often fell back into old behaviour.

When I left the country, after months of coaching sessions, he still was in the process of unlearning from this behaviours.
But I know he will succeed!

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