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Coaching Success Stories, Charles.

What a person wants to get out of the (Life) Coaching sessions, that depends on that person.

Below Charles his Success Stories.

Names of the Clients are changed according to the GDPR rules.


Charles is a 38-year young Customer Service Support employee.
His first job as Customer Service employee.

Previously, within the same company, he had worked for a department making appointments.
The Team leader from that department was not willing, or able, to help him. And he was transferred to the department he was working at the time I started to help him.

He was very anxious that he would lose his job. As also at this department, things weren’t going as suspected and hoped for.

The department is an inbound sales department. Focus Customer Support. Selling and giving information about the product (energy).
Where he also needs to do outbound sales calls for about 2 hours a day.

He asked me for help. As his anxiety didn’t help him to do his job the way he should.
And the fact that the company was not good at coaching and mentoring he was really afraid that he would lose this job also.

During the first sessions, we recognized that he has problems with several types of customers.
And that he doesn’t like outbound sales as “he is not a salesman”.

Because Charles was very clear on what type of customer he has problems with (Dominant Personalities, Customers who do not believe him, Interrupting Customers).
For that, it was not that difficult to help him to solve this.

What we did, after I asked him a lot of questions every time at the beginning of our sessions, was playing role games.
Where he played himself and I played an annoying customer.

This helped him a lot to grow his confidence.

Additionally, he received a class with DISC training. Straightaway he had “a click” with this training.
He recognized a lot. As a matter of fact, he used it immediately.

In the beginning, we had sessions every week.
Starting with listening to phone calls he had made. So we could check his improvement.

Later the sessions became less. Every other week, once every 3 weeks.
Surely, his confidence grew with every session.

The other issue Charles had, had also to do with uncertainty. For that, he received several “sales” training sessions.
And of course, again, we did role games.

During my sessions with him, he became so confident that he was able to find another job in a firm that probably fits him better than the one he was working for during his session.
I wish him all the best with his new challenge!

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