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Coaching Success Stories, Jane.

What a person wants to get out of the (Life) Coaching sessions, that depends on that person.

Below Jane her Success Stories.

Names of the Clients are changed according to the GDPR rules.


Jane is a young girl. In her twenties. Not showing uncertainty at all.
More the cheeky type. Here her Success Story.

In the first place Jane that the idea that her Operations Manager had something against her.
In particular, she said that she was ignored when there was an important task to do.
Even when she was more qualified than other colleagues.

To put it in another way, she felt ignored by him. As if he didn’t want her to have success in her profession.

After a few sessions I found out, that surprisingly, she was right.
On the negative side, the OM thought she was a girl with a big mouth. No more and nor less.

On the positive side, he said “when she will be able to learn to keep her big mouth shut, she will be a great asset. And probably able to grow in the company”.
To put it differently, his problem was that he doesn’t like to be told the truth. Which she did often.

More his problem than hers. Yet as he is the OM she needed to follow his rules.

The sessions I did with her, on her request, is learning to cope with her boldness. To learn to, under those circumstances, relax. Not to react within a split second.
And as soon as she felt that she wanted to react, before thinking, do the exercises we trained.

In the meantime, we also had practised and we trained her skills. Which she obviously has.
Within a few weeks, she found a more challenging job, within the same company.

Good Luck Jane! This department is for sure a better fit!

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