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Personal Information About Karin

Thank you for visiting my Personal Weblog

At this Page you’ll find Personal Information about me.

Of course also some Info about Life Coaching, that’s what I do.

Enjoy Browsing Around!
As you probably already discovered, my name is Karin and I am your host here at this Blog.
More than 50 years ago I was born in the Netherlands. And I grew up on a small island in the North Part.
An island called Terschelling.

Here at my Personal Blog I hope to engage you with my adventures living on other parts of Europe than the Netherlands.
I will add (most) healthy recipes and information about Clothes & Make-Up.
About my Travels and more.

Probably not the Standard Brands Clothes/Make-Up, as I am, in a way, alternative.
But nevertheless, I hope you like my information.

The island I grew up is partly protected nature area. De Boschplaat.

We have woods, dunes, beaches (the longest and widest of Europe) etc. etc. And it is one of the two places (islands) in the Netherlands were we have cranberries.
Terschelling & the other island Vlieland.

In my youth, I went to school at Terschelling. Relatively safe comparing to the rest of the world.
After High School a became a Nurse. Not my choice of profession, but my mother thought I needed a profession that would last in time of war and economic down times.

Due to physical problems (severe eczema on my hands) it was not possible for me to continue with this job.
But stranger… The doctors couldn’t find a solution for my condition. Which started when I became a nurse.

I went from hospital to hospital to find the reason of the eczema. Until the best ones in the Netherlands. The academic hospitals. But no doctor was able to solve my eczema forever.
They gave me corticosteroids to put on my skin.

And what happens when you use that often? Yes, eczema will go away, for a while.
But afterwards, there is a HUGE problem, the skin becomes thinner. With a thinner skin, the possibility of getting eczema again rises huge times.

Another crème, skin is getting even thinner. Till the skin is so thin it will burst open as soon as you touch it.
Thus I had to quit the job as nurse.

I became interested in alternatives ways of healing. Of staying or become Healthy.
To make a long story short. I visited a couple of alternative healers. One of this doctors was able to heal me. A homoeopath.
He was honest, gave me restrictions. Explained I probably always will have a sensitive skin. Even more, after using all those corticosteroids I used.

During the years to follow I hardly visited my GP (still will not visit regularly, at the moment I not even have a GP). Learned the benefits of herbs & spices.

Twenty years ago, via a colleague, I got in contact with someone who was a Reiki master. Gave Reiki courses. This is where I followed my first Reiki (Reiki I) classes.
I followed the classes (a complete weekend) with 2 colleagues of mine.

Reiki Curses met Rini, Dinie & ik
Reiki Course with Rini, Dinie & me

Next to that I followed many courses, to develop in both work and personal life. Mainly the, again, more alternatives.
Life coaching, Reiki II, II & teaching. EFT & TFT (also known as tapping).

As I have mentioned above I started as a nurse but had to stop due to eczema, horrible eczema on my hands.
In that time computers were coming up at the work floor and were implemented. I started to follow several classes.
I have worked for a long time (almost 12,5 years) in the hospital where I started to do my educational training as a nurse.

After being a nurse I became, finally, head of the intake department. And Application Manager for the Hospital System.
From where I decided to go on to another employer.

During the years I worked in the Netherlands I have had several jobs.
Starting the year 1999 mainly in IT. I have been a help desk employee. Server engineer.
The latest job I had in the Netherlands was for a small company as a software tester (I had done this for another company also).

As I always wanted to live and work in the Southern part of Europe I decided it was time to act when I was already in my 40’s.
I didn’t, I still do not, want to be on my deathbed thinking “I should have done that”.

As I had a very good paid job at that time. But I didn’t like the job. I even started to hate it. I didn’t have much to do.
When I was lucky I finished the things I needed to do around 10.00 AM. When I wasn’t so lucky, earlier.
After that, it was such a long time until I was allowed to go home.

I was told by my whole family and most of my (very few) friends that I was crazy.
That I was crazy to leave a well-paid job, for the insecurity as a representative for a tour operator.

I have never regretted my choice. The first country I was going to, and able to work was Malta. The small republic in the Mediterranean.
Next, I was going to Fuerteventura. While doing these jobs I learned so much! As a result, I became wiser. Most of all, I learned to understand other cultures, to respect them. More than I already did. In a way, I probably never would when I would have stayed in the Netherlands.

After some time I needed, wanted, to go back to the Netherlands. My father was already sick when I left and it became worse.
But I was not able to get used to living in my home country any more.

Fuerteventura, Terschelling, Orlando & Lanzarote

So after a few years, I decided to give it a try again and find a job in the southern part of Europe again.
I was so lucky! A German tour operator was looking for Dutch & German speaking guides. I was so lucky that I was invited for a job interview.
And the rest is history.

Because of the fact they were in immediate need of a representative who knew the island Fuerteventura, one of the destinations I have been working a few years earlier also as a rep. And due to the fact I could start within a few days, I had the opportunity to go back to this Canary Island.

I lived for a long time on this great island. The problem there was though that there are not many jobs. So from the beginning, it was job hopping. 6 Months here. After that, I found a job for 1 year. To start over again job hopping. Although I loved the island, and I still regret it that I had to leave due to the lack of work, I didn’t want to go through the stress of finding a new job, over and over again.

Therefore I decided to give it a try in Greece. Hence, I didn’t like living in Athens.
In addition I went back to Malta and from there to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Sofia I loved, but I hated the nano-micromanagement in the company I worked. As a Team Lead I needed to control every second of the day from all the agents.
“Needed to ask what are you doing?”, when they were having a small talk with colleagues. Or having a small break after some telephone calls. Horrible. Completely NOT my style of management.

For that I left that company, before I had a new job. I could not handle that company any more. Nano-micromanagement was not the only thing I hated there.

I found a job in Brno, Czech Republic. The 8th & 9th of July 2018 I moved from Sophia to Brno.

In conclusion, leaving the Northern part of Europe was, is, the best decision I have ever made.

The last years I have done many courses/studies.
Mainly to become a (Life) Coach Practitioner.

Reiki, EFT & TFT Practitioner. Mindful Practitioner.

Below some info I advised my agents and also my clients.

Doing good is in small things. Helping someone to lift a heavy grocery bag. Bring a (small) shopping item for your neighbour, or friend, when you’re on the road anyway.
Visiting or call someone who is alone and perhaps lonely. It doesn’t cost much time.

What can you do to be good for yourself?
To take care of YOU! You yourself need to do that. This has nothing to do with egoism. Nothing at all. It is needed.
Go for a nice walk, read a book, or just do nothing when you want to. Enjoy nature.

I have followed the following courses and for that I have Certifications for/as:
* EFT & TFT Practitioner (aka Tapping);
* Ho’oponopono;
* Ho’oponopono, The art of forgiveness;
* Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master);
* Reiki Practitioner;
* Strategic Life Coach Certification (Beginner-Pro);
* Strategic Life Coach Certification (Inner Core-High Intent).

At the moment I am follow several other courses:
Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma Course
Past Lives – Explore The Past To Heal The Present

Most of the classes I have followed, the courses I have done are from . They have so many courses available. Both Free & Paid.
Take a look! I guarantee you, you will find for sure a course you love to follow.

I know above information was a long read, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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