Coloring and Drawing

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Coloring & Paint Shop Pro
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Coloring with Pencils & Markers

Although I am not particularly good at drawing, at school I always had good numbers.

My imagination, when it comes to writing stories, is enormous. But I have no clue to draw something from my imagination.
No problem, when I have something in front of me. But from my imagination, nope… At least not by hand.
That is difficult for me.

I once draw my father, from a photo. Sadly the photo was lost, but it was (although I say it myself) a superb drawing.
Only done with a pencil. I had more done only with pencil.

Due to me moving so often they have gone lost over the years.

At the beginning of the Internet, I followed several online classes about how to use Paint Shop Pro.
Which at that time was from Jasc Software.

Online seminars or webinars didn’t exist. The classes were held in a chatroom.
Imagine, me Dutch in my thirties following an online class in a chatroom.

There were no screenshots involved. No programs were developed yet to share screenshots online. Only text.
And it went on fast. Half of the time I needed to use my dictionary to translate something.

I did speak pretty good English, but it is different when the words used were specific for that Software program (which I had installed in the Dutch language).
What I have learned from that is that I later always installed my Software in the English language.

Color Pencils

It didn’t take long before I started to give lessons myself. I learned HTML 4 and a bit of CSS and started to build a website.
First the free sites. GeoCities, Angelfire and Tripod, I bet you have never heard from them 🙂 .

Later my own domains.
With membership pages where members could download items, I made from lessons from other sites.
And I learned that I could draw on a computer from my imagination!

I also became involved with website competitions. And I, better said my site(s) won a few. Mainly with The Site Fights (they do not exist anymore).

The Pixel Unity started, and I became involved. Learned a lot and I was teaching others about Paint Shop Pro.

Examples. Made from tutorials and also by myself.
After I moved to the South of Europe, I stopped being involved in the Pixel World. It was at that time already ending, other things were coming around on the internet.
I colored. First the plain way.

Later I started to follow several classes. Free and paid.
The BEST was from Kit & Clowder, where Alyce is the teacher.

Coloring Example
Coloring Example

For this hobby, I use Farber Castel Pencils and also Markers from this brand.
Next to that, I use stamps and outlines from several brands.

Most of the items I have bought and I will buy online. Easy, great possibilities to check and compare prices and delivery time.

When you want to know which online stores I have used, use the Contact Form and I will let you know. I answer you as soon as I can!

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