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Cooking Healthy

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Cooking Healthy

Cooking Healthy

I LOVE! Cooking. Most of it I learned from my father.

As my mother didn’t like cooking and that was clear in the taste of what she cooked.

My father started as a sailor and he had to cook for the crew.

And how he could cook! That was some serious frosting.
Like my father, I have an endomorphic build.

Meaning everything comes on, nothing goes off… Good cooking is the solution.
I told you about this at Losing Weight as Endomorph.

With good cooking, I mean cooking with Fresh ingredients from a source which can be trusted.
I do like all the food, of course, I have favourites, but I do eat it all.

In the last years, I read a lot about healthy food, Ketogenic diet, Paleo etc.
I noticed myself in the past, that when I eat carbs I become tired quicker than when I do not eat carbs.

For me, the disadvantage of eating Ketogenic is that it costs a lot more than eating with carbs.
Especially when you want to eat the organic meat and vegetables.

Therefore I decided some time ago that I will do it a bit different.
No Keto but Paleo.

I still have some issues with turning my mind around.
But (o yeah!) as a Life Coach I know that this is my subconscious calling and trying to get me off my path.

And at the moment that voice keeps calling, for that, I need to re-read all the information I have about Paleo over and over again.
The Paleo way of eating and living is going back to the beginning.

Whole unprocessed foods, leafy greens, grass-fed meat. Nuts and vegetables. Fish and poultry.
No bread I hear you ask. Also no grains?

Njet, nothing of that. Human beings only started to eat grains about 15,000 years ago. Wild grains.
Cultivation started much later. To put it differently, nothing natural!

Humans beings are living on the earth for about 200,000 years. Since the Middle Paleolithic.
We only eat grains for about 15,000 years. So natural, like so many says? Nothing natural at all!

The promotion of grains? This can be compared with the promotion of medication instead of healthy food.
There is a HUGE industry who earn a lot of money from it.

No need to believe me. In spite of believing me test it yourself.
Always tired, headaches. Stomach pain? Stop eating grains & carbs.

And you find out that it is true.

Eat only fresh not processed food. You will feel better immediately!

Paleo recipes

The Ultimate Source Of Delicious Paleo Recipes
100 Healthy Raw Snacks And Treats

Surely I will add recipes to my Blog ASAP.

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