E-books for Download

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E-Books for Download

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You like to Download e-books?
Relax while reading?

Download them both Free & Paid? Yes, I said e-books!

I bet you do!

E-books, coaching tips, tips on how to heal naturally? Or just a kind of romance to dream away?

That is great! You have been landed on the correct page. Here I have added, the chapters and short stories written by me My e-books. Downloads for my visitors & customers. Both Free & Paid.
At the moment only have 1 e-Book for 3 different devices.
I will add more for you soon.

Also, I am an Amazon writer. You can find my writers page HERE.

At this page, especially for you, I will add all downloads. Mostly e-books and short stories I have written. Both free & paid.
And also the links to the sites which have great offers for you.

Some of the stories written by me will be for free. Others you have to pay for.
But I promise you, they all will be worth it.

Ebooks for Download

I write short stories for children, which I illustrated myself at that time. The small ones in my family are entertained for hours when the story is told to them.
And not only the children. Also their parents 🙂

Later I began to write short stories for adults. Romantic stories. The kind women read to relax on the beach, in the garden enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee.
My colleagues at Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands always asked me “Karin, do you have a new chapter ready?” And when I didn’t manage to write one “Please write a new chapter as soon as possible, I can not wait to read the next chapter”.

Below you will find the first story (only the prologue) to download.
Next chapters, I ensure you, I will add once every other week. I will have to translate them first in the English language as they are written in the Dutch language. Please come back to read the chapter online, or join the newsletter to be informed when the new chapter is ready for download.


He sighed.
This was the umpteenth time he had missed their weekly appointment. An appointment that they had already for a long time. Even before they were married.
How busy he was, his intention was that this afternoon would be for them. One afternoon a week to do something together so they would not forget how important they were to each other.
He knew she would be disappointed. Sad. He was too. But it just did not work out. His work was too important. Especially now his father, the king of Caruzale (a very small, very unknown kingdom in the Eastern part of Europe) was on vacation with his mother. On their well deserved 2nd honeymoon. Their first holiday since his father had taken over the throne of his father 30 years ago. He could not, and would not disturb his parents during their first weeks together for years.

You became curious and hunger to learn more of what will happen between Kalif and Tirza? You can download below the complete prologue. Both in the English language & the Dutch language.

Download .Epub e-book Prince without Princess (Prologue)

Download .Pdf e-book Prince without Princess (Prologue)

Download .Azw3 Kindle e-book Prince without Princess (Prologue)

In the above downloads, there is both the English as the Dutch version. First the English and after that the Dutch.

I am going to add new chapters at least once a month. And I am I going to do this every other week.
The chapters I write are a bit steamy sometimes, I hope you do not mind.
I promise not to overdo it. And when I do, I mention it.

As I have so many ideas in my head. What I want, what I am going to write. Come back often at this page.
And join my mailing list so you will get the updates.

Do you, as a visitor from my website enjoy my writings? Which I hope you do. Please spread the word!

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By clicking at one of the links below I might receive a small amount of commission when you decide to buy something.
This will not change the price you pay.

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This Site has Pages with affiliate links. I know you will LOVE many.
I can earn a commission, at NO EXTRA cost to you, if you purchase from them.

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