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Endomorphic & Losing Weight

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Endomorph and Struggling with Weight Loss?

Endomorph and Not Able to Lose Weight.

Frustration ALL Over.

As mentioned in THIS post, there are 3 Body Types:

Ectomorph, Endomorph & Mesomorph.

Although there are people who deny this.

Probably no Endomorphic.
This is like a male gynaecologist saying to a patient that the pain (of the monthly period) cannot be that bad. “Do not complain, n a few days it’ll be over…”
But this on the side 🙂 .

Back to the Endomorph.
The type that has the most difficulties with losing Weight.

What is THE Best Way to Lose Weight

For an Endomorph?

Because of the fact that our body directly knows that it is getting fewer nutrients (good or bad ones), it goes almost directly in survival mode.

That is why a normal diet, eating less every day, will not make sense.
After 2 or 3, or when you are lucky 4 days your body will say “Yeah right, I know what you are doing. You are starving me. I am going into SURVIVAL Mode”.

The first things you need to do is getting your hormones balanced. As mentioned at Losing Weight is Difficult When….

When you get enough sleep, your hormones are balanced and all these conditions which can be influenced are balanced, then it is time for the next step.
First of all, you need to know that our bodies are sensitive to carbohydrates.

Source Harvard: “When people eat a food containing carbohydrates, the digestive system breaks down the digestible ones into sugar, which enters the blood”. At this point, the pancreas produces more insulin to lower the Sugar level.

Generally, endomorphic body types are insulin resistant. This means that the sugar is directly stored as fat in their bodies.
Next to the fact that their body goes almost immediately in survival mode.

Important is thus that you lower the intake of Carbohydrates. And increase the intake of Proteins.
This might be difficult when you are a vegetarian or a vegan.

The best ratio is as below:
Carbs 30 – 40%
Protein 30 – 35%
Fat 30 – 35%

Because of the fact it is, in the beginning, not easy to follow a Low(er) Carb lifestyle it is important to read, read, read.
Read about what? I hear you ask.

Unquestionably about Paleo, Carbohydrate limited. And search for recipes on the internet.
Keep in mind that there are many recipes telling it is Low Carb but they are not.

Paleohacks Cook Books.

Important is:

– Start with a Preparation week
– Eat Proteins at every meal
– Limit Bread, Pasta etc.
– No Starches
– Maximum 5 gram of Carbs per 100 grammes of product
– Do not eat foods labelled as Low-Fat, Gluten-Free, High-Protein etc.
– You Carb intake has to come mainly from vegetables
– Fruit is healthy? Vitamines? Forget the most types of fruits
– Only berries
– Do not eat sugar or sweeteners (artificial)

Take as much information to you as possible. Undoubtedly you will learn a lot from this.
At the beginning for sure, it looks complicated but you will learn fast.

In addition. Do NOT, no really not, follow the Paleo way of living every day of the week. Remember… Our body fast gets used to changes and you will not lose weight.
When you do keep losing weight, congratulations, you’ve found your way of living. But an Endomorph normally has to follow other rules.

The best way to keep losing weight is by fooling your body.
Fooling so our body has no idea you are trying to lose weight.
And how do we do this?

Follow 1 or 2 days (maybe 3 when you know your body reacts a little slowlier) the lower Carb way of living.
The 3rd or 4th day you are going to eat some pasta, bread or other carbs. From whole grains.
Don’t overdo. Eat a vegetable sauce with the pasta. With chicken or fish.

Always important is to chew your food very good. Digestion starts in your mouth.
My advice is to follow 2 days, max. 3 days a lower Carb way of living. After that 1 day with more Carbs. But please not the refined ones.

When you find your body is adapting try 2 days of Higher Carb intake, 1 day of Lower Carb, 2 Days of Higher Carb. And after that 2 days of Lower Carb intake and 1 day of Higher Carb intake.

And of course, we also need to do exercises as well.
The best are the exercises with a continuous, rhythmical movement. For at least 20 minutes.
Low impact exercises with a high intensity are great to start with.

This can be certain Zumba classes, swimming or power walking.
It is important that you, as with the Non Carbs/Carbs, change the exercises regularly.

Paleo Diet Solution.

I wish you good luck with, probably the number 10.123 of diets you are trying. But remember. This is no diet. But a way of living.
And do not forget… Keep fooling your body!

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