Expat in Brno

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Expat in Brno

Expat in Brno, Czech Republic,

The First Days.

Finding out by Myself
The Hard Way.

Being an Expat. I am experienced in this. Due to the country hopping I seem to do all the time.
I do not advice Expats to move to Brno, without a good relocation package.

When you have a good relocation package you have almost no worries.
Hence, your new employer is probably going to arrange everything for you.

And with everything, I mean everything!

What will they probably arrange?
* Your Transfer to the New Country;
* Hotel/Shared Apartment for the first week (maybe longer);
* The pay the Broker.

Even more. They will help you with:
* Requesting a Tax Number;
* Social Security Number;
* Bank Account.
And certainly, they also help you with more.

Because I did not have a complete relocation package I was having problems to arrange everything.
Due to that, my first week in Brno was not… To say it politely, certainly not the best of my life.

The things I needed to arrange myself were, almost all things:
* Transfer to the New Country;
* Apartment/Studio in Brno;
* Bank Account;

Above all, I needed a few of them to do from Bulgaria.
Hence! It seems like I was lucky.

With the help of my great recruiter, Barbora, from Reed Global, I was able to find a Studio.

Therefore, when I arrived in Brno, I had directly my own place to stay.

Brno, Expat The First Days...

The arrival in Brno, travelling 18 hours by bus, went smooth.
Rather than finding the one who was supposed to pick me up from the bus station.

That took about 1 hour. Me hobbling, with 2 heavy suitcases and 2 heavy bags, from this to that side.
And back.

As a result, my mood went below zero. Due to the warmth of the sun, and the heavy packing, I was dripping with/from sweat.
Finally, we found each other and live in Brno started.

First huge disappointment… I needed to pay an extra month deposit for the Studio.
A lot of money!

First of all, I had to do some shopping.
When I compare the Czech to the Bulgarian…

Asking Czech “do you speak English?” resulted in a few times people turning around.
Hence! That is impolite!

The appointment at the doctor I had, didn’t go well.
She, nor an assistant, wasn’t there and I could not reach her.

Maybe I made the wrong decision. Moving to Brno.
I tried to change money. Only to find out that Bulgarian Lev is not accepted in most banks.

One thing which certainly went well was the arrival of my packages from Bulgaria.
Most noteworthy without any problems.

The end of the first week I walked (about 1 hour) to the building where I could buy a monthly Public Traffic pass.
Due to the fact that the week didn’t go very well. Rather terrible. I was not in a good mood.

I felt depressed. Down. To a point of crying.
The building was easy to find. I did my homework on Google Maps.

After entering the building there are two entrances.
One on the right, and one on the left.

And there is a ticket machine where you need to take a number.
Remember I was at a point of crying…

Of course, the ticket machine was only in the Czech language.
I asked someone if she speaks English.
Only to see another back turned on me again.

At that point, I cracked. And there the tears, which last week I only shed in my apartment.
Walking back I hardly managed, sometimes completely not, not to cry.

I decided at that moment that this was enough for one week. Therefore I decided that I would not do any obligated things.
Next week brand new week…

In contrast to the first week, the second went better.
I managed to open a Bank Account and one of the Czech employers there was so friendly.
Did his best to help me so much, that I almost forgot the week before.

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