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Guest Blogging

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Guest Blogging

at Karin’s Personal Blog

Are you looking for more visitors to your, interesting, blog?
But you have no idea how to arrange that?
You know many great subjects to write about? And you love it?!
Have you ever thought of writing an article for another Blog?

I will give you the possibility to do that here at my site. If you want to take advantage of this possibility, the only thing you have to do is follow the rules and fill in the form.

Please notice that before adding your post to my blog I like to read the text you have written.
And I hope/expect also, that I will be able to write an article for your site too!


  • Original Posts only. The content must be written by you;
  • Please be original. No cross posting please (except your own blog);
  • For that: No copy of text, pictures and other © content from others is allowed;
  • No personal attacks, harassment, attacks to websites etc.;
  • No discrimination, racism. NOT at ALL!;
  • Thus: No hate speech;
  • No scamming & spamming;
  • Use reliable sources (e.g. Fox news is not a reliable source)
  • English, Dutch, German & Spanish posts only
  • Guest Blogger

    Rules can be changed & updated when needed.

    The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.

    Request Guest Blogging
    Please describe the topic of the Guest Blog. Why you want to Guest Blog at my site.
    Please describe the topic of your Guest Blog Post

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    I can earn a commission, at NO EXTRA cost to you, if you purchase from them.

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