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Ho’oponopono. What did you say?

Ho’opo what? I can almost hear you ask.

Ho’oponopono, yes that 🙂

I completely understand that you have no clue at all what I am talking about.
For a few weeks, I hadn’t heard the word Ho’oponopono either.
I was looking for a few courses to follow at Udemy.com and I found this one about an old Hawaiian technique to heal.
Days before, I was doing a 1 to 1 (1:1) (at that time I was a Team Lead) with one of the agents and during the 1:1 he wrote something for me.
Asked me to view it later. Something about being “at Zero”.

From he scribbles I couldn’t figure out what he was trying to tell me. Until I viewed the URL he wrote down.
And guess what?! It was about Ho’oponopono! Strange isn’t it? I never heard of it before, found this course I wanted to follow, and now a colleague is telling me about it…

The word means when simply translated into English, correction. It is Hawaiian, and as “therapy” still practised.
You can read more about this ancient (and New Age) practise HERE.


According to the course I have followed means Ho’o: Cause. And Pono: Perfection. In the Hawaiian language, a double use of words within a word gives extra weight to this word. Makes it have a higher value.

“A technique to clean and erase memories that create repressing beliefs in our subconscious minds”.
Using 7 principles (called Huna principles) to change your life.

I know I’d better not make assumptions, I am going to make one though :).
Most modern, well-educated people, probably will think that this is another “tree-hugging” theory (in Dutch we say “Geitenwollensokken theorie”).
For hazy people. Not completely out of their mind, but for sure not completely normal either.

Yet I ask you not to judge before you know this practice yourself. Many of the beliefs you will find also in other alternative and plain therapies.
For example in the Secret.
To name a few:
* We get that which we focus on;
* The energy flows to the place where your attention is directed.
You still think it is something for “weirdos”?

OK, you are allowed to think that. As long as you remember that many programs, also plain western programs relate to this.
For me, it is a very interesting practice and when it helps me, and I can help other people with this practice, it makes me happy.

And isn’t HAPPINESS something we all want to achieve?

More information HERE

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