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Natural Remedies with Apple Cider Vinegar

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How to get rid of…

Moles & Warts using Apple Cider Vinegar

We, probably, all have seen lots of ads, mainly on Pinterest, about how to get rid of Moles & Warts

Most of the time there is a (short) explanation about how to do it.
I will show you my before & after photos at this page.

At the photo’s above you see clearly that I have a huge mole on the right side of my upper lip.
How did I get rid of it?

Many times I came by photo’s, on Pinterest. Or read an article on Facebook, that you could get rid of Moles & Warts with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV).
Best the Organic version. Because in this version there is no stuff added that can be bad for your health.

On the photos you can see that it was a huge mole, I had in my face. Had indeed.

And it became bigger every year. When I was born I didn’t have this mole. Started to come in my teenage years.
First a small dot. Almost not raised. But that changed over the years.

In 2008, when I got my Paddy Open Water License, my dive instructor advised me to get rid of the mole.
During the dives, my mask was pushing on the mole and due to that there often got water behind it.

But back to the Mole & Wart and how I got rid of it.

Natural Remedies with Apple Cider Vinegar

I started with the mole.
At home, I soaked a cotton pad in Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and placed it at the Mole in my face.
At night time I made a kind of bandage.
What I didn’t know at that time, I learned it the hard way, is that ACV burns the skin around the Moles & Warts.

On the other hand, it is hard to protect the skin around, and it was for a good cause. So, for a few weeks, I was walking with skin (around the Mole) peeling off.
Like I had a sunburn at my upper lip.

When I used the ACV for about 1 week, the Mole became a blood blister. And the next phase was that it became a crust.
After the crust came off the mole wasn’t completely gone yet. But it was already much lower than before.

Gabriel Cosmetics

I let the skin around my Mole heal before I started the 2nd round.
After this round I, when the wound was completely healed, I only had a little bump left.
Skin colour.

I left this for some week, it was so much better than before. No dark skinned Mole any more.
Yet the little bump started to annoy me. And I decided to do another round.
Which took only 5 days.

A few weeks after my skin was healed completely, and my Mole stayed away I decided to give the huge Wart at my head a try also.
I forgot to take before photos. Yet below I will have some photo’s of the peeled off skin.
When you do not like the view of these kinds of photo’s, do not scroll down.

The Wart on my head was very huge. Visiting a hairdresser gave (although I didn’t feel it any more) always problems when they were combing my hair.
Often the comb came under the Wart, the hairdresser was shocked. And for me, it was no problem. I didn’t feel it most of the time.

Yet the Wart was visible when my hair was wet. So I decided to give it a try also. I knew it would be more difficult as a bandage, due to the hair, would be more difficult.
It would be a challenge.

The first stage, coming off the first part of the crust, took much longer than with the Mole. Must be because it was a HUGE Wart.
After about 2 weeks it started to crust and I could peel a layer off (au!).

I kept using ACV as much as possible on the Wart. It took another 2 rounds but the Wart finally disappeared.
As you can see at the upper photo you can see I still have a wound on my head.
But I am sure this will heal completely.

This is how I got rid of the Mole in my face. And the Wart on my head.
Loosing Mole & Wart

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