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Learning & Development

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Learning & Development

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Learning & Development,

A Life Long Journey.

For some reason I love to learn and to read.

It started at a very young age, I come from a family where reading is normal.

Our house was full of books. Not only the “plain” books like novels, detectives etc., but also many educational books.
And my father had many history books. I have my huge love of history from him.

I was about three when I went to the library every week with my mother. The librarian noticed that I was really into books and she told my mother that a subscription for children was free.
That was great news and I was allowed to have my own library card for 3 books a week.
At that time I started learning to read on my own. As I loved books, I wanted to read them myself. Of course, in the beginning, it was hard, but I was stubborn and eager to learn!

Reading and learning, I kept doing that. Still doing that.
When I found a subject I wanted to know something about I first searched in an encyclopedia. And when I couldn’t find it there, I went to the library to search more about that subject.

There was no internet, no Google, at that time. We had the libraries and the archives of the newspapers. And in some cases also the archives of the municipalities.
The library had card boxes. On alphabet. Almost all subjects were in the card boxes. On the card, there was information which book you could read to find out more about the specific subject.

Later there were so-called “fiches”, no not chips, but a kind of negatives on a roll. You could place them in a machine. A (black and white) screen was attached and you could turn a wheel,
through which the negatives were led through the machine, and at the screen, you could see the output. Remember this was in the 1970’s & 1980’s.

Learning & Development. A Life Long Journey.

But wanting to learn didn’t stop with reading. I was a very curious child. Wanted to know about everything that was going on. I asked many questions.
Questions many found so strange, being asked by a child, a girl even, at a very young age:

Why is the sky blue? Why isn’t that colour green or red?
Are you sure we are not dreaming and going to wake up in another world?
You sure there are no other worlds?
How do you know Hitler is really dead? Are you sure, imagine he is not…
Why are we alive?

I do not make this up. Above questions, I’ve asked many times before my 7th-8th birthday.
And now, 45 years later, I still remember the answers to most of the questions.
E.g. the one about Hitler: Don’t be so stupid. Of course, he is.
Still wondering how she did know for sure… She couldn’t have been there because she was born in 1943. Much too young to have witnessed this.

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Now we have the internet. And it is easy to find information about almost every topic.
I love it! Learning has never been so easy!

What I do now, when I find a subject I want to learn more about, I do an internet search.
I find a page about the item I want to learn. For example at Wikipedia and I read it.

The beautiful thing is that there are so many links that you can click, and click, and click, and so on, to read even more about the topic. Or, of course, about another topic.
And then I start to wander. Wander on the internet. Because of all those interesting topics.

Click after click. Bookmarking the pages so I can read them later.
So many things to learn.
And so many new subjects, jobs, because of the internet.

About 20 years ago I started to learn myself HTML, HTML 4 at that time. I did courses online.
In chat boxes, life courses. I learned a lot. Not only about the courses I did, but my English improved so much! All those courses and classes were in English.
People teaching HTML, CSS, job that didn’t exist 25-30 years ago.

Web designer, SEO, Ads Reviewer, Business/Web analyst, Blogger also jobs which without the internet would be non-existing.

After my primary education, I didn’t stop learning.

Did a lot of courses about topics I found, still find, interesting. Both personal and professional.
To name a few:
* Archaeology;
* Cultural History;
* Medical Secretary;
* Language courses;
* Hostess/Tour guide Foreign Countries.
And many more.

Later I followed more professional related trainings & courses.
A few below:
* Security, Fraud & Risk;
* Fraud Awareness Training;
* Coaching & Feedback Trainings;
* Diploma in Customer Support;


* Blog for a Living: Complete Blogging Training Level 1, 2 & 3;
* Content is King: How to Write Killer Content for the Web;
* Essentials of Writing Content;
* Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques

Last years I became interested in helping others. Helping to release stress, to become what they really want to be.
* Reiki I, II, III ART & III Teacher Qualification
* Strategic Life Coach Certification (Beginner-Inner Core High)
* EFT & TFT Tapping Practitioner Certification (Beginner-Master)
* Ho’oponopono online course. The art of forgiveness;
* Ho’oponopono, Practitioner Certification Course;


* Mindfulness Practitioner Course (Level I, II, III & Master);
* Professional Life Coaching Certification & Complete Guide;
* From Goal to Success: Life Coach Certification.

Next to that, I have done some really alternative courses. Out of curiosity.
They might help me with questions I have about life. Why we are living (although this is something I want to know since I was very young).
Why there is so much hate, crime, discrimination in the world. How can we solve this etc., etc.
Why does life hurt so often?

For that I started to follow other classes also:
* Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner Diploma Course
* Past Lives – Explore The Past To Heal The Present

I also followed a few online Seminars:
* Mindvalley “Discover Your Life Purpose” Masterclass with Dr. Michael Beckwith;
* Webinar/seminar, with Marina de Giovanni

* Masterclass “Instant Transformational Hypnotherapy” by Marisa Peer.
* Masterclass “4 Layer Coaching Approach” by Christine Hassler.

As you can read above I have followed many classes, courses and trainings. And still going strong :).
And the more I learn, the more I recognize I do know nothing…

Why is Lifelong learning so important?

According Study.com: A lifetime of learning can keep both the body and mind in shape. Research has suggested that continued cognitive activity has a positive effect on brain cells and helps promote mental sharpness, especially for senior citizens.

More about Lifelong learning you can read HERE and
7 Reasons Why Learning New Things Is Important.

In this time, the time of the internet you can find good classes/courses everywhere. Both Free & Paid.
Many of my courses I have followed for free. Even more where I have paid for.

There are online universities, where you can follow the classes for free. And after following the complete course you can buy a certificate.
Others you can download a certificate for free. Although the ones you can buy look very professional and most of the time aren’t that expensive.

Online Academies for a Lifelong Learning:

Alison Academy


Udemy Academy
Free “night sky” picture, used for the above buttons from Pexels.

Below a few other places where you can follow courses and study through the internet:

Open Learning
Future Learn
Open 2 Study
Khan Academy
Open University
And Much More…

So much to learn,
So little time…

For all my readers, I have a question for you.
When I was you I read the book “De Franse Gouvernante” (The French Governess). Later when I wanted to read it another time I couldn’t find it any more.
Even a deep internet search didn’t help me t find the book. Sadly I can not remember the name of the person who wrote the book.

Never Stop Learning

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