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Losing Weight is Difficult When…

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Losing Weight as Endomorph

Your Body Type is Endomorph…

The How & Why explained.

There are 3 main body types,

Ectomorph, Endomorph & Mesomorph.

These three are the main types, but many have a combination: Ectomorph & Mesomorph or Endomorph & Mesomorph.
Those body types are first described by William Sheldon, an American psychologist and physician.
The body type which has most difficulties losing weight is the Endomorph body type. As well as the combination Endomorph & Mesomorph.

When you have difficulties with losing weight, like me. And you are an Endomorph or Endomorph & Mesomorph, you know what I am talking about.
My father, who was a clear Endomorph & Mesomorph (with difficulties losing weight) always said: “I already gain weight by looking at a glass mineral water”.

I always said, after my 6th wholemeal sandwich, “I only become more hungry after eating sandwiches”.
My mother, a pure Mesomorph with no problems staying slim, didn’t believe him. Nor me. Well, I did believe him. I do.

Yet, even now in the 2018’s, there are people saying it is rubbish and nonsense.
The only thing you need to do to lose weight is to eat less.

Well… S U R P R I S E! That, and all Endomorph know this, only makes it worse.
And the reason why? Our body is made to adapt really fast when getting fewer calories than needed.

Ectomorph, Endomorph & Mesomorph

What are the characteristics of these body types?

– Body type is the “thin” type and has lean muscle mass.
– Low-fat storage.
– Small “delicate” frame and bone structure
– Flat chest with small shoulders
– Fast metabolism
– Hard to gain weight

– A soft and round body that gains muscle and fat very easily
– Generally short & “Stocky” build with a round physique
– Slow metabolism
– No well-defined muscles
As a result hard to lose fat & weight.

– Rectangular shaped body with well-defined muscles
– Athletic type with normally a generally hard body
– Strong
– Muscle gain is easy
– Gains fat easier than Ectomorph

From the above three types, the Endomorph has the most troubles not gaining weight. And, when gained, losing this weight.
On the contrary, the Ectomorph has certainly the most problems gaining weight.

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Why is it so difficult to Lose Weight as an Endomorph?

It is important to realize that I only talk about the Endomorph who really tried to lose weight. Not cheating, but keep on track with the amount of food allowed.
And even under those circumstances not losing, or even gaining weight.

Let me give you a few examples.
When I was young my mother scooped the food on my plate. That is normal, isn’t it? And it was an obligation (yes! an obligation) to eat ALL.
To put it another way, even when my stomach was filled and I had enough to eat.

Under those circumstances, I learned to “overeat” myself. Not allowed to take notice of my brains telling me “stop eating, your stomach is full”.
Until now, 40-45 years later, I still have troubles feeling when my stomach is full. And I have had enough to eat.

Until my puberty, started at age 11, I was a normal build Endomorph/Mesomorph. As a matter of fact, I looked slim.
Then, I stopped growing. At least in height. At age eleven indeed. Only 155 cm. All of a sudden I started to gain weight.

I didn’t change my eating pattern, I didn’t stop doing exercises. On the contrary. I was swimming every day. Did gymnastics twice a week. Volleyball twice a week and on Saturday we had a competition.

In reality, the only thing changing was the hormones in my body.
From that age one, only 11 years, I had difficulties not to gain weight. I managed to keep it under control, although I have no clue how anymore. As this is a very long time ago.

By the time I left home, I was about 18 years, I was about 57 kg at 155 cm. Already “too heavy” but still slim.
At the same time I started my job and for this reason, I stopped with all the training I was used to.
Due to my job I had irregular working hours. And as a result, it was hard to go on with it.

Straightaway I started to gain weight. Fast, very fast.
Occasionally, in the past, I had done some “dieting”. Nothing serious but all of a sudden I had to.
As I gained weight fast. Some kilos a week!

Without delay, I started with dieting. First, haven’t we been starting there all, decreasing calories. Which helped. In the beginning.
But eventually, the weight loss stopped.

And what happens then? Frustrations all over.

Read: Diets Through History: The Good, Bad, and Scary

Below a few Diets, I have followed. Without losing weight.
Cambridge (after 1 month ===> strictly following a 500 calories regime, I gained 100 grammes!)
Dukan (I am still a fan, yet certainly needed ingredients are not/almost not to find where I live)
Fit for Life
Glycemic Diet
HCG injections (lost weight fast, gained faster)
Juice Plus
Soup diet
Weight Watchers (the first module, not how it works now)
Yoghurt diet etc.

Please let me know the following:
Which diets did you try as Endomorph?
Have you found a diet that let you lose weight and keep it off?
Add a comment below.

Up to the present time I am overweight.
But didn’t I lose weight at all?

First I lost weight indeed, second gained more than I ever lost.
The first 7-10 days, depending on the diet, my body was losing weight fast.
Sometimes very fast.

But during the end of the first week, I noticed that (although I still kept a strict regime) I sometimes gained a little weight.
To lose it again the next day. As if my body very, very fast, got used to me eating much less.
And guess what!

That is exactly the reason why Endomorph build people are hardly able to lose weight.
Their body gets very fast used to them eating less. Your body metabolism will slow down, as a way of protecting itself.
In ancient times this was THE way to protect your body from starvation. Very much needed.

Even though it is, at least not in many parts of the world, not needed anymore. Endomorph bodies are still build to survive.
To survive times of food shortage.
Dieting is like saying to your Endomorph body “there is a lack of food, go in survival mode”.

Of course, there are many (for sure not Endomorph) who call above all rubbish.
Similarly, there will be many who followed many diets strictly only to gain weight, who will understand.

In reality, when you are one of them and followed so many diets strictly. Only to gain weight.
IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Your body is in SURVIVAL mode.

There are a few hormones important for weight gain/lose.

During menopause, levels of all your hormones tend to decrease, including estrogen and progesterone. When estrogen is decreasing slower then progesterone, it will be dominant.
And too much estrogen compared to your progesterone (no matter how little it is) you can gain weight and store more fat around your middle.

Regulates the response of your body to stressful situations. Our modern life gives us so many stressful situations that a high level of Cortisol is normal in modern life.
According to lead cardiovascular researchers at the University Medical Center in the Netherlands, having excess cortisol puts you at increased risk of heart disease, and it also causes you to store visceral fat around your internal organs, which often appears as excess belly fat.
And when you are sensitive to this, and you probably are as Endomorph, you will gain weight.

The primary function of Leptin is to tell a part of our brain (the hypothalamus) that we’re satiated, or full.
We eat too much food with a sugar called fructose, found in many processed foods. When too much fructose floods your body, your body stores it as fat.
This leads to an excess of leptin; when one has too much leptin it’s possible to become leptin resistant, meaning your body no longer can tell if you’re full or not—and you keep eating and gaining weight.

Is produced by your pancreas and it helps regulate glucose (blood sugar) in your body.
When overweight your insulin gets off balance. Due to that, you have a harder time losing weight. Also, insulin stores extra sugar as fat.

Above hormones needs to be balanced. Always, but especially when you are an Endomorph.

How To Balance Upper Hormones:

According to research eating a pound of veggies per day will help remove any excess estrogen from the body (the fibre).
To not to upset your stomach increase slowly the amount.

A natural way of decreasing estrogen is to take Dioscorea Villosa (Wild Yam). This contains Diosgenin which lowers the estrogen level in your body.
Furthermore, it is important to eat less red meat, sugar & processed foods.
And to increase your daily exercises.

Relaxation is the most important. As this lowers your cortisol level. Enough sleep (longer & better) is also very important.
Decrease your caffeine intake. Practice mindfulness/meditation to help you relax.
Taking supplements with Magnesium and/or Vitamin B can also help.
Decrease sugar/fructose intake.

Leptin is very important to balance.
Get enough sleep! Leptin levels increase significantly when you get enough quality sleep.
Exercise regularly.
Eat Omega 3 rich foods (fish, chia seeds, grass-fed meats) or take a supplement.

Regulate your sugar intake (as less as possible).
Start the day with drinking Apple Cider Vinegar water.
Eat smaller portions and eat enough proteins with every meal.
Also, eat low-glycemic carbs.

Please let me know the following:
Which diets did you try as Endomorph?
Have you found a diet that let you lose weight and keep it off?
Add a comment below.

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