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Masterclass Marina de Giovanni

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Online MasterClass from Marina de Giovanni

June 13th 2018 18.00 hrs

Yesterday I followed a a webinar/seminar/masterclass, from Marina de Giovanni.
Mariana de Giovanni is a well known, well-established blogger. Who has helped many females to build their company. So I followed her master class.

I followed the complete master class. Well… To be honest, not complete.
To be exactly I followed 1 hour, 49 minutes & 13 seconds.

And then… An enormous thunderstorm started to happen here in Sofia. And immediately after the first lightning stroke, Wi-Fi went down.
And stayed down for about 14 hours.
Gone (end of the) seminar, gone I don’t know what information I haven’t received.

I can tell you, it was a HUGE disappointment for me that I missed the end of the master class.
Yes, we were almost at the end, and yes I had received a lot of information already.
Useful information. But what kind of information have I missed?

I have no clue and probably never will get it.
About what I’ve missed huh 😉

Masterclass with Marina de Giovanni

Yet, I learned a lot from the things Marina told during the time I could be with her at the seminar.
She mentioned some points which I also learned from other online classes and/or webinars.

Making money online seems not to be that hard, yet you need to know what to do.
And that is making online courses (for sale).
I am out, making my first online class.

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