Moving Again, Brno

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Moving Again, Brno

Moving Again…

To Brno, Czech Republic.

Arranging all matters…

A lot to do, before the move!

When I got the information that I was the one who got the job I applied for, I immediately knew that there was a lot of work to be done before moving to Brno.

The previous times I moved from one country to another country, there was always a relocation package.
Everything, or almost everything, was arranged by the new employer.

Sometimes very good, sometimes not that good at all. But I had no stress that I needed to arrange things, other than pack my stuff.

The assistance in the new country was also different. The help in Sofia was very good. In Malta not that good. And in Greece… Well, they forgot me completely (the other two starters already had the needed information previously, so they didn’t remember there was another person, me, who needed to be informed about certain items too.

The problem is… When you do not know that you need the info you were not given, you’ll find out much later. And that isn’t that good for a healthy relationship between employee & employer.

This time I had to arrange all the things myself.
I found out very fast that there is no direct flight from Sofia to Brno.

You can fly to London or Munich, takes about 27 hours totally to arrive and it wasn’t cheap at all.
Another possibility is to fly to Vienna or Prague and travel further by train or bus.
Also not very cheap. And with several transitions.

Finally, I decided to book a bus from Sofia to Bnro. Al long trip, but without transitions.
Sunday the 8th of July I will depart at 16:30 hrs.
Estimated arrival time Monday the 9th of July at 09.0 hrs.

I also found a pretty cheap way to transport my items from Bulgaria to the Czech Republic.
The boxes were picked up from home and within a week they were delivered to my new address.

What I also found is a, hopefully, great studio. My recruiter helped me a lot, by calling the broker, asking for information etc. Asking me if she could help me with other things.
I never had such a good recruiter like this one!

Because of the fact I moved so much, I knew exactly how long it would take for me to pack all my things. I was more “nervous” about the fact if I had enough boxes than that I was about the time needed.

Last week I had a lunch with an ex-colleague.
With my mentor and yoga teacher, Asya. She gave a few nice presents.
A notebook with several colour fine-liner pens. And several essential oils.
Thank you so much!

The Saturday evening before I supposed to leave I want also for dinner at my landlord and his wife.
Atanas and Toni.

Atanas was so nice to bring me Sunday to the bus station. And Ray, an ex-colleague, was so nice to go with me. Later also Marchel came. For moral support and also to help me carry all the things I needed to take with me during me moving to Brno.

Finally, although I said goodbye to Sofia and the few friends I had there with a heavy heart, the day to leave arrived.

Below an overview from the, very long, bus trip.

16.33 Departure Sofia.
* Received a chocolate croissant and a bottle of water.

17.30 Border Bulgaria-Serbia.
Document control in the bus.
After that waiting for the border check.
Next document control outside the bus in an office.
We had to wait outside till the bus was through the check.
A little further again another check in an office outside.
Again waiting for the bus to get through the check.
Time change back 1 hour to 16:30…
17.03 Finally over the border.
17.05 First short stop.
17.18 We are driving again…
19.43 Stop at a gas station in Serbia.
20.03 And there we go again.

23.13 Border Serbia-Hungary, waiting & waiting…
23.43 Passport control outside the bus.
23.45 We are allowed on the bus. Waiting for the next pass through, still the border.
00.03 Bit by bit we crawl forward…
00.14 And again document control. Inside this time. We are waiting for 2 hours already…
00.21 Finally in Hungary.
00.23 Tanking gas oil and break.
00.50 We are going on our way again.
04.16 Stop at a gas station.
05.15 And there we go again…

05.31 Slovenia.
05.50 Bratislava, bus station.
06.00 Leaving Bratislava.
06.14 Austria.
07.00 Vienna.
07.07 Bus station Vienna.
07.32 Departure bus station Vienna.

08.25 Czech Republic.
09.15 Bus station Brno.
Waiting for my pick up.

The pick up wasn’t as expected. It took more than 1 hour to find each other. For me walking, and walking again to another area, with 2 heavy suitcases & 2 heavy bags.
But finally, we found each other.

Brno Czech Republic

The apartment is nice, light and bright.

After arriving many things didn’t go as supposed to.
Needed to pay an extra month of deposit.

Tuesday when I had an appointment with the doctor, there was nobody there. No reception, no secretary, no one. I can say, that I was not happy at all.
No possibility to make a new appointment, the phone wasn’t picked up etc.

I tried to arrange other things, like a bank account etc. Also no luck with that.

Thursday around noon, the packages I send from Bulgaria, with the carrier, arrived. And a little more than 1 hour later everything in it was cleaned up.

Hopefully next week also my computer & printer will arrive.
These items are sent by the Bulgarian Post, as the carrier doesn’t allow to send electronic equipment.

Apartment Brno

In the meantime, I received information from the recruiter that I also can go working without the medical check-up.

I found a General Practitioner in the neighbourhood. Hopefully, they will accept new patients. It is a few minutes walk from my studio and also they are affiliated with the health insurance company from my new employer.

Packing In Sofia, Unpacking in Brno

Tomorrow, Friday I hope I will manage to open a bank account. And also to find the office where I can buy the Monthly Public Traffic card.

Then the weekend to relax after those busy weeks. And on Monday I will start working at my new job.

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