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Paleo, a Way of Life

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Paleo, a Way of Living

Paleo, short for Paleolithic diet, is a Way of Living.

In short it is eating like our ancestors did.

And there are different movements within Paleo. Groups, movements within the Paleo world, who allow eating sugar replacements. Like raw honey, cocos flower sugar, monkey fruit sugar etc.
In small quantities. Also, movements who do not allow that at all.
This article is a follow up of me coaching Isabelle during her Weight Loss.

Like with every “new” and old movement there is also a group completely against is. Saying it doesn’t help. Humans didn’t eat that way. It is not healthy, you need cereal grains, milk etc. etc.
I learned over the years that often slim people, with no problem of losing weight (whenever needed in the first place), have the most comments.

“Just eat less. Eat half and use the light products”. Etcetera. Yes, there are overweight people who are not following the correct directions and fall back.

But imagine, doing a 500 Kcal diet (like in the 1980’s & 1990’s was promoted), a high carb that it was. And not losing one gram of weight after 1 month following the diet as strict as possible. Frustrating isn’t it? Well, this happened and happens.

Our bodies are different. What works for your niece, probably will not work for your neighbour or for you. We need a different approach than only “Eat less. Eat healthier food. You have to do more exercises” etc. An open mind to discover other possibilities. For ourselves, for others.

The Paleolithic era is also called the Old (or Early) Stone Age (2.58 million to 11,700 years ago).

This is the time before agriculture. The people had to live from the seasonal eatable leaves. And from the meat from the animals, they were able to hunt down.
They ate the fruits from the trees/branches when there were ripe.

Imagine. There is some fruit on a tree you do not know. Is it eatable? Toxic? The only way to find out is to try.
The risk of getting sick or even dying is present.

But you have to, there is hardly food to find, you are hungry.
And when you die. At least your family and tribesmen know now, not to eat it.

So, the Paleo way of life. Is it healthy?
In my opinion, it is indeed.

You eat lots of fresh vegetables, no dairy, no cereal grains or legumes.
No carbohydrates, at least not from cereal grains. Grass-fed (lean) meat.
Fish & seafood. Fresh fruits, seeds & nuts. And, not to forget, chicken & (all) eggs.
For the oils, Avocado, Olive oil. Coconut oil. The Extra virgin version.

But, but… Do I not need dairy? Cereal grains and legumes?
Short and simple. NO, you do not.

Humans only started to drink milk (from other sources than human milk for the baby’s/children) around 7500 years ago. According to a study from the University of London.
And only then, because previously humans were not able to digest the milk sugar lactose in the milk! Still many humans have problems with digesting milk or milk products.

Yes, milk is a source of Calcium. Well, so are many leafed vegetables & nuts. No need to drink milk or milk products for that.
Raw cheese can be eaten in very small amounts in the Paleo way of life. But stop eating it when having digestion issues.

Didn’t eat the Old Stone Age humans cereal grains? Yes, they did. When it was ripe, when they were in the area of where it grew, they ate it.
Raw mostly. But they did not cultivate it! They did not change the DNA to grow more and more we are doing now. That is not natural.

There will be many saying “but the grains changed itself over time”. True, completely true.
But this is a NATURAL change. Not done by humans who want to change the grains so there will be no sickness in it. There will be bigger grains.
Or, what happens at the moment (started many years ago by a company with an “M”, too much credit to name them completely) to make the seeds so poisoned/toxic, that the plant/crop will be toxic for the vermin.

Imagine, poisoned/toxic seeds! Against vermins! What will you eat?! Poisoned/toxic food of course. As a seed cannot get rid of the poison/toxic before growing, only by growing it out. Into… Yes, right! Vegetables, cereals etc. O yes, the plant/crop will look beautiful.

I don’t know about you? But I rather have ugly looking healthy food, than beautiful looking food that has poison/toxins inside it.
You think only the vermin will get the poison in its body? Think twice. Tripple when needed.

And all those delicious foods, the snacks, ice cream and so on, am I not allowed to eat them anymore? I hear you ask.
Most the snacks, sweets and many other food articles are filled with sugar. Are processed and have nothing to do with real food anymore.

Also, there are too much to mention sites where they have healthy recipes for dessert the Paleo way.
Yet, you need to check if the recipes are really Paleo. As some sites say they are Paleo friendly and the first ingredient of the recipe is not Paleo at all.
Don’t follow or make it without checking. Sugar in it? Change it into a Paleo-friendly replacement. Etc.

Isn’t a healthier way of life not much more expensive?
In some ways, it is indeed. But when you eat the seasonal vegetables & fruits, buy lean meat from a farmer and store it in your freezer it helps a lot.

Imagine how much healthier you become, you might even lose weight or get rid of an allergy which bothered you a long time. Only by eating healthy.
Isn’t that worth it?

When you have children you learn them to eat healthily, take care of their body so they will be able to live a long and healthy life.

From the many courses I have followed (weight loss, healthy eating etc., Paleo way of living), I have learned that when you want to lose weight eat this amount for breakfast, lunch & dinner:
A clenched fist of Vegetables. Although you can eat more when wanted.

Raw Spinach two double handfuls.
A thumb size healthy oil.
And for the proteins a hand palm size meat & oily fish, white fish the whole hand. Or 2 eggs.

Snacks: (not more than twice a day)
Nuts one palm. 1 piece of fruit or 2 cupped hands for small fruits.

Above measurements are for women. For men, it is twice the amount.

So, what do I eat during the day?
– Bullet coffee or egg/banana pancake

– Cherry tomatoes
– Radish
– Cucumber
– Boiled egg
– Pieces chicken

– Green salad with other vegetables
– Lean meat or fish
– Extra virgin oil

– Vegetables & salad
– Lean meat or fish
– Extra virgin oil

Sometimes I eat some sweet potato, baked.

Although “normal” white potatoes are allowed in some Paleo movements, I do not recommend eating them.
I myself get huge cravings from them. Like I have with cereal grains (I used to eat, I was 12-15 years, whole wheat bread. And I always said to my mother “the more bread I eat, the more hungry I become”. Her answer (it was the 1980’s) Don’t be ridiculous. That is not possible!.

She never had issues with her weight like my dad & I had. Never had cravings. And something she didn’t know, didn’t exist. Or was not true.

There is a good possibility for you to lose weight with the Paleo way of living. But like everything you want to change in your life, it is a mindset.
As we all know, at least we all should know 😉 , everything you want to do, doing and want to change is a state of mind.

If you want to change your life, you have to change your habits.

Need help with losing weight? Don’t hesistate to ask me!

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