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Alternative & Natural Remedies

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Alternative & Natural Remedies,

to Improve Your Health

We all know that we need to eat healthily. Have more exercising or training than we do. Quit smoking or drinking alcohol. Or at least do them only now and then.
Eating the natural way. Use natural remedies instead of Vitamins from the Pharmacy.
It is not only better for your body. But also for your mind.
And when you have a healthy mind, your body will follow.

Improve Your Health Natural

Everything, like happiness, is a state of mind.
So why isn’t everyone happy? We all want, we all deserve, happiness don’t we?

Because it is a state of mind.
All our thoughts, deed come from the subconsciousness. Almost all, 95%.
This means that only 5%, YES 5% is done by our conscious. Our awareness.

And there lies directly the problem we need to solve (Ho’oponopono).
Our subconsciousness is filled with the things we have learned since we were born. Fixed in our being.

And unlearning is difficult. But it can be done!
You can learn that you are worth it. Worth being happy, worth being healthy. Worth being wealthy.
And when you know how, it isn’t that difficult any more.

I have explained this at the following pages:
Ho’oponopono &
Hawaiian Technique, Ho’oponopono.
When you want me to learn you using this old technique. Please contact me by using this: Contact Form.

Below remedies, I have tested myself.
On the internet are so many so-called “natural remedies” which do not work. Therefore I have tested below remedies.
And they worked for me.

Gabriel Cosmetics

More will be added in the future.

Natural Remedies:

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