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Relaxation through…

Vacation, Reading a Book, Having a Massage.

Enjoy a cup of tea. Going for a nice long walk. Yoga, Ho’oponopono. Breathing exercises etc.

We are living in a very hectic time. We “have to” so much. Go to school, to work. Go to gym, yoga. Follow an art class, having our piano lessons, go to hockey. Football, tennis. And our friends and family want to make an appointment with us.

When??? We do not have time for that.
We need more time, but there are only 24 hours in a day.

But al those items named above, are these necessary? They are nice to do but necessary?
Think about it. According to research children have a lot of stress when doing, have to do, too much.
That is not normal.

Children need time to play (relax) to help develop completely.
But not only children need time to relax. Adults too. Time to do whatever you want.
Just sit and think. Read a book. A walk in nature. Or just do nothing at all.

Whatever you want, whatever you need to give yourself the opportunity to come back to yourself again. To de-stress.


Of course, you can also award yourself with a short vacation. A few days of relaxation. Even alone or with your partner.
Without children. Time for the two of you, to remember why you got together. Why and how much you love each other.
Things we often forget in the hectic of the day.

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I have lived a few years at Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands.
All the islands are different and Fuerteventura is the most salvage one. With the most beautiful beaches.
The whole year the weather on the Canary islands is pleasant. There is so much to do on the islands, so many ways to relax.

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More than just a massage




Lanzarote & La Gomera
Lanzarote & La Gomera


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