Wanderlust the Sequel 1, Athens

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Athens, Greece

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Scared to move to Athens. Confessions. And what no one tells you.

Was I scared to move to Athens after living a pretty long time at Fuerteventura?

Yes, of course, it scared me. I have been living for 5 years in a row at this lovely Canary Island. And I never thought I had to leave.

Yet, every few months of job hopping, anxiety if I would find another job, I didn’t want that any more. O yes, there where jobs to find.
But none where I would find myself back in 5-10 years. Therefore it was needed.

At that time I knew already that I am good at training, explaining. Coaching, although I myself still had a lot of problems I wasn’t able to solve, I knew how to help others.
Now, in July 2018, I think it wasn’t the right time. I myself needed to learn so much more.

While living at Fuerteventura I found a mentor (confession 1), I bet he never knew he was. But I learned so much from him. Mostly to be a better human being.
First, we started as a kind of colleagues, he is being the most important person in the place I worked. But humble, humane.
We became friends, I hoped (also due to how he treated me) that in the future there would be more (confession 2). Sadly it never came this far.

My decision to leave was twofold.
* First of all the lack of interesting (at least for me) jobs, who were permanent and not temporarily.
* Second I found it painful to think that I might see the person, who once was a mentor and friend, but who ignored me for a while, every time (confession 3).
And questioning myself “What can I do?”, “I can try it again, or not?”

Wanderlust Athens Greece & Back to Malta

Therefore I searched for a professional challenge. Starting to do a self-research:
– What is a country I always wanted to go and live?
– Something I am good at?
– Ans what do I always want to do, besides wandering?

I came up with some answers:
– The country I always wanted to live in, is Greece;
– I am good at IT, explaining, teaching;
– Living in Greece and work there.

You see? I answered twice in Greece. But where in Greece and what kind of job?
When I started to search this time, the internet existed and much info to find.

What did I search for? I searched for IT related job
In the beginning, I had some difficulties to find fitting jobs. Until I found how to do a good search.
Very fast I managed to find a job in Athens Greece.

March 2016 I moved, leaving Fuerteventura with pain in my heart, to Athens Greece.
My first impression “wow, is it green here!” The taxi driver must have thought I was out of my mind.

I could not get used to Athens. Probably because I always had troubles arriving at work and home (because of the fact the bus I needed to take often, say about 7-8 times a week, didn’t come. For hours). I lived almost 5 kilometres from work. Too far to walk. Too far from a tram station. For that, I depended on the bus.

Although I love history and culture, I could not get used to Athens. I didn’t find the city a pleasure to live.
Athens, Greece

I worked shifts. Mostly 09:00-17:00 or 13:00-21:00. When I worked late shifts I often arrived at my home around midnight.
The company had a strict “clean desk policy”. No paper at all. Pencils were forbidden. Eating not allowed., not even a piece of fruit. And more over the top rules.

I tried and I tried again. After 8 months of trying, I decided that Athens wasn’t the place I wanted to stay and work.

Another internet search I did. I decided that I first wanted to create steadiness and peace.
Therefore I was looking for a job in Malta because I lived there and had a great time before.

I found it fast. And on the 31st of December 2016, I took my flight to Malta. My first destination after leaving the Netherlands in 2008.
Because it was a late flight, I was literally flying into 2017.

Malta brought me some relaxation. Although it is so much more expensive than it was in 2008.
An apartment below € 1000 almost not to find. And I could not pay that amount of rent.

I shared a flat for some time.
Got promoted twice at my job. As a result of that, I could afford to live alone.

Why did I decide to move on? Well, the amount of work became less and less. Therefore I decided to move to Bulgaria.
Furthermore, I was feeling not well with the company I worked for.

Maybe you want to read about Bulgaria? Wanderlust the Sequel 2, Sofia

Points often overlooked, and surprisingly what nobody tells you, when applying for a job in a call centre, is that:

(And this is important to realize)
With this in mind make your decision

* They rather want you to start yesterday than tomorrow;
* The promised salary is never what they’ve promised, normally less. Sometimes much less;
* Bonuses are sometimes included in the salary;
* Rules for earning a bonus changes a lot, making it harder and harder to earn hem;
* The rent for the apartments is always higher than said.

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