Wanderlust the Sequel 3, Brno

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Wanderlust Brno, Czech Republic

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Moving from Sofia to Brno.

A New Country to Descry.

A New City to Discover.

When I quit my job as a Team Lead, my intention was to stay in Sofia. As I like the city.
Sofia has everything I love, I am interested in. History, culture. And I love living here.
I never thought of moving to Brno.

Once I had a job interview for Prague, but never for Brno.
After the first contact with the recruiter, she told me a lot about the city, and I further researched it.

All things I love, you can find in the second city big of the Czech Republic.
History, culture. Beautiful buildings, parks.
And… also important, I found a few Yoga schools nearby my apartment. With lessons (also private) in English.

Therefore I think I made the right decision.
I will let you know later. When I live in Brno some time.


Here in Sofia, it took me some time to find an English teaching Yoga school.
I contacted a few by email. Only 1 answered.
The first 2 or 3 (more in the area where I live) didn’t.

I have to say, it is a great Yoga school. Diwaly Yoga Sofia.
My first teacher was Julia. Later, when Julia became too busy, I got my lessons from Asya.

When I say that I learned a lot from her, I am not exaggerating.
She helped me so much with my Spiritual discovery. She was my mentor for this.
We not only had yoga but also great conversations.

I always was, have been, Spiritual. Was interested in these things. I read much about it, as much as I can.
And about as much as Spiritual subjects as I can.

Because of her I discovered things, courses, I probably would have discovered in the future, but not at this stage in my life.

Thank you, Asya! You were my mentor. And I have learned so much from you.
During our Yoga classes and other times! Thank you!
You are always welcome in Brno.

The last weeks, after I received the information that I was the lucky one chosen for the job, I tried to find the best way to travel from Sofia to Brno.
That wasn’t easy. There are no direct flights.
And the flights via London Stansted & Munich are expensive.

Because of that, I tried to find a flight to Vienna, and from there to my destination. Prague and further.
There are some possibilities, yet with a difficult, or probably difficult, transition. And with two suitcases, I do not feel like doing this.

Therefore I decided to go by bus. No transition, only a long drive. But I will manage that!

When moving, there is always a lot of stuff that needs to be moved also.
Although many of my items still are on Malta there are items that need to be moved.

After a thorough search, I found a carrier who was pretty cheap. Sadly none of the carriers wants to take electronic equipment with them.
So my computer, monitor & printer have to be sent by the Bulgarian post.
On the other hand, they (the carrier) picks up the boxes and bring them (within a week!) at my new address.

Moving to Brno

8-9 July 2018.

Official Tourist Information Page Brno.

At the following link you find Wikipedia information about Brno

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