What are Affiliates?

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What are affiliates?

Short and plain explained, affiliates, on websites/blogs, work like this:

Affiliates is a code, text link, button you place on your site (or blog) from a merchant. In this code there is a specific number related to you.
The merchant pays you for the traffic (mostly sales only) he receives from your link.

It is a kind of relationship. Also called an “associate program” or “affiliate program”.
When you have placed the banner or link at your site you are “the affiliate”.

Online there are many affiliate programs to find.
Most of the merchants only want to advertise on well-established sites or blogs.
Meaning as a start-up website or blog it is hard to find merchants whom you can use on your page.

Disappointing isn’t it? Because you want to earn a little money from your site. Just a little. Of course better a “little more”, but where to start?
You need to have visitors before you can add affiliates to your site. But to attract visitors you need content and preferably also an affiliate.

Sound likes a vicious circle, doesn’t it?

Luckily there are merchants who allow new sites/blogs. Because they change so fast and often is doing a Google search the best option to find the most recent and available merchandise programs.

Due to the new GDPR law some US merchants will stop with merchandising for European sites/blogs.

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