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Yogi Tea Giveaway

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Free Monthly Give-Away

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1st July Opening Healthy Life Insight with Karin.

For that I am holding a Yogi Tea Giveaway

During the opening month of Healthy Life Insight with Karin, I will run a giveaway.

Yogi Tea


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Yogi Tea Giveaway
July 2018, Yogi Tea Giveaway

The giveaway is running from the 1st of July till the 31st. The drawing will be done the 1st week of August.
It is a blind drawing using a WordPress plug-in called Pick Giveaway Winner.

What can you win for this opening?

A YOGI TEA packet!
I will draw 3 winners:
– 3rd place winner, who will receive 1 pack of (random) Yogi Tea;
– 2nd place winner, who will receive 3 packages of (random) Yogi Tea;
– 1st place winner, who will receive 5 packages of (random) Yogi Tea.

So do not hesitate any more, like my Facebook Page Healthy Life Insight with Karin, sign up for my email list (as promised above, no spamming or selling/giveaway your info. I work according GDPR. GDPR explained.)

What kind of tea is Yogi Tea?
Yogi Tea Organic is an organic tea, and it is my favourite tea.
It is not only organic but also vegan. Well, I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but I try to eat and drink healthy.

Did I mention try :)?
Because, like with most of us, it sometimes doesn’t happen. Excuses like “busy, don’t have time to cook properly” etc.
And this is where Yogi Tea also comes in. They have teas for detox. Detox the healthy way.
Not the way you need to stay on the toilet the whole day (sorry I put that image in your head, but you get the point I think 😉 )

Why is it my favourite tea?
Of course the most important is the flavour, how it tastes.
And, I can not say I have tried them all, there are so many different flavours, the ones I have tried were great!
In the near future, I will do a few reviews of the flavours I have tried.

I for myself do not mind a hot cup of tea, not even in winter time. I rather have a cool or cold cup of tea. Or even ice-tea.
Often teas become bitter when you let them cool down. Not the Yogi Teas. The flavour will still be great even when the tea is not hot any more.

And even when you make a healthy cup of ice-tea with it. Which you can leave in the fridge for a couple of days before consuming it.
Or make ice cubes from it. You can add these ice cubes later in the cooled down tea to make it, even more, colder without getting watery.

Second, not only because Yogi Tea has so many great flavours, but also because it is made from organic herbs & spices.
On their website they have special page where the ingredients of all their teas is explained.
Ingredients Yogi Tea

In our, o so, busy world we need to give ourselves time to relax, to enjoy. Not only the big but also enjoy the small things.
This can be a nice crispy cold winter morning. Birds signing or a beautiful butterfly passing by. The smell of freshly mowed grass.

Relaxing with a good book. Following a class or course, you like.
And of course enjoying a cup of healthy tea, which has a wonderful taste, hot or when you prefer (like I do) cold/ice-tea, gives you a moment of relaxation.
A moment to be good for yourself.

There are specific teas to give you energy, great to drink for breakfast!
Teas to help you relax. Special teas for women. Already prepared (bags) to use immediately and also loose teas.

Below a picture of several Yogi teas from their Instagram page.

Yogi Teas
Yogi Teas

What I also think is a nice idea is having quotes on the tea labels.
Inspirational quotes that I have to say.

When I started to drink Yogi Tea I didn’t notice this for a few weeks. Well… I didn’t pay any attention at all to the labels.
Might be that I am not a “kind of label person”. I don’t mind brands. Not for food, not for clothes, computers etc.
I do have certain items I prefer to others but that has to do with taste, are they from a (for me) trustable source etc.

To give you any idea of the quotes on the tea labels take a look at next picture:

Inspirational Quotes at Labels from Yogi Tea
Inspirational Quotes at Labels from Yogi Tea

Recipe Yogi Tea Ice tea:
* Boil 2 litres of water
* Take 6 bags of your favourite Yogi Tea (I use Green Energy or Detox Energy)
* When the water boils steep the 6 bags in one litre for 10 minutes

* After these 10 minutes add the other litre boiled water
* Leave it for an additional 5 minutes
* Remove the bags from the water and the labels from the bags 😉

* Let the tea cool down
* Poor tea in a clean bottle and place it in the fridge
* Enjoy with (tea) ice cubes
* You can store the ice tea in the fridge for about 5-7 days

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